From teen to #promqueen…

prom make-upThis lovely lady popped in to have make-up done for her prom… Probably the most important time for a young girl. The idea of a prom is very American, but the teenagers love it, as they can really celebrate the end of exams.

Like any young girl dealing with variations in hormones and skin-quality, my client’s main  concern was that she wanted her skin to be even and flawless… This I knew I could achieve, because Airbase Airbrushing Foundation covers blemishes and redness, and as you can see, she certainly got a beautiful flawless complexion.

Her next wish, was to have her eyes stunning and smokey… I asked her what her dress was like – it was navy blue in colour and this combined with her grey blue eyes gave me the perfect focus for her eye make-up. With her fair hair and skin… the eyes are really able to pop with the midnight blue smokey shadows, and the silver brings out the sparkle. I darkened her eyebrows to suit the strong eyes, and added some well-needed prom glamour with false lashes. With eye make-up like this, neutral pink lips are best with subtle blusher… Stunning!

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