Cheer up your Raining #Summer with…

Okay, so there has been this little grey cloud over the UK since the whole #Remain and #Leave, all of that on top of the #Juneshowers… well, it has been a little gloomy to say the least… and this is even more reason to brighten up your day, and my nature of being a make-up artist and salon owner, I do this with the power of make-up…

Here are five ways I’ve cheered clients up this week – they are all easy ways that you can use make-up to brighten up your day too:

  1. Bring out a smile with some bright lipstick – bright pinks, deep reds and vibrant coral are all on trend this summer 2016.
  2. Add some bronze to the contours of your face… So you can add a summer glow even though the sun is not shining much at the moment.
  3. When it is raining – the sandals are shelved and the shoes and boots come back out – so get your fingernails painted or gelled to add some vibrancy to the rain mac and umbrella. Bright corals and metallics are a must this season.
  4. Apply fake lashes and add lots of mascara, so you can add a sparkle to everyone’s day by showing off your eyes – remember to wear waterproof mascara to avoid smudges down your face when it randomly begins to rain.
  5. If there is no sunshine, it is likely that the sunglasses will be back in the case – so it is the perfect opportunity to add some bright eyeshadow – use a colour that suits your eyes – but be brave and go bright!

Happy summer everyone rain or shine!

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