1950’s Make-up #makeup HOW-TO

50s Bridesmaid

1950s Make-up

Vintage is ever popular for weddings and parties, and more so now even for a day look. And this recent bridesmaid makeup I did is ideal for anybody wanting to look the pretty 1950s part… Oh and it is really easy to achieve!

How to:

The skin:

Firstly you need a good primer on the skin for the foundation to sit on – I used Airbase Primer. I then applied Airbase Airbrushing Foundation to give a totally flawless finish… It is fantastic.

The 1950s is all abour flawless foundation, to create a pretty living doll look.

The eyes:

Use neutral eyeshadow like a light beige colour to give a nice coverage to open the eyes. The main focus for the eyes is the eyeliner. For this look photographed,

I used a black gel eyeliner creating a thin line from the inner eye going thicker towards the outer eye with a 1950s iconic flick at the end of the outer eye.

With lots of mascara on top and underneath with a set of full false lashes to finish.

The cheeks:

Apply a rosy colour to give a fresh look, it looks more doll-like applied to the apples of your cheeks, which are created when you smile – so smile then apply a little colour at a time, so it builts up to suit your skin tone and colour.

Don’t apply too much at once!

The lips:

I applied a pinky-red colour to give 1950s definition.

This is fab for a summer prom look or a Bridesmaid!

Brides-to-be visit my bridal make-up packages. 


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