How-to: #Summer Bridal Make-up

summer makeup

Pretty Summer Bridal Make-up


You will need the skin to look fresh and flawless to achieve a summer bride look.

I applied Airbase Primer to the skin as the perfect base for the Airbase Airbrushing Foundation to sit beautifully on and give a flawless look.

To withstand the heat in the summer you need a good foundation to prevent the foundation from disappearing and sliding off.

With Airbase Airbrushing Foundation this doesn’t happen, as it is silicone base and moves with the skin,

if you have any oiliness all you need to do is pat the skin with a tissue and this revitalises the foundation.


Firstly, I applied a primer to the whole eyelid to avoid creating creases in the eyeshadow.

I have enhanced the look of the eyes by using a soft pink shade in the inner corner of the eyes and used a light grey eyeshadow in the crease to the outer edge, so that it compliments her eye colour and eye shape. I also wanted to define the eyes and add more strength, so I applied a grey gel eyeliner on top, near the lash line and half way underneath to open the eyes with lots of waterproof mascara…

Yes it is supper important to go for waterproof mascara, as there is likely to be tears of happiness from the bride at the wedding.


I used a rosy pink tone to enhance the cheekbone and to add colour for a fresh summer look.


Before I applied the lipstick I always make sure the lips are hydrated and are free of any dry chapped lips, to do this I apply a lip balm – I used a glossy cerise pink tone to add freshness to a kissable pout – which finished the summer bridal look perfectly.

Brides-to-be visit my bridal make-up packages. 


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