Ways to glam up your #maternity look

viccabondI recently did the make-up on a model for a designer who create amazing, practical maternity wear for breast feeding mums… the designs are discrete and still really stylish.  This got me thinking about how as a working mum in the beauty business, I know I have to make an effort to look good… but when my children were just babies this was more challenging, because you’d rather get an extra few minutes sleeping than worry about applying make-up… so here are five tips for new mums, so they can still feel and look glam…

  1. Wear stylish shades and just pencil your eyebrows and where bright lipsticks… this look is good for indoors, but perfect for a school run, or a visit to the shops after a night of not a lot of sleep.
  2. Brighten your complexion with a sun protecting tinted moisturiser, a small application of lipgloss, and one coat of mascara. When we look and feel tired, sometimes less is more. This is great to enhance your pregnant glow, or brighten your look up after the baby is born.
  3. Invest a couple of hours and a some cash to have individual false lashes applied… these last a few weeks, and you wake up and look like you’ve already applied eye-opening mascara.
  4. Use dry shampoo, if you don’t have time to wash your hair and pop a simple quiff and ponytail up, this will keep it away from the face and out of the reach of the little  ones.
  5. Get your nails done! We don’t have to look at our own face all the time, but having perfect nails is a great way to lift the feeling of confidence and glamour as we are always looking at them and using them… choose a bright colour like candy pink or vibrant orange.

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