#bringingoutbeauty at Pro Live Hair

I have been asked a few times, why I chose the make-up I did at the Pro Hair Live London – so I thought, I’d share a little bit about each look and this may help brides-to-be choosing their overall make-up and hair for their wedding.

I focused on bringing out Kate’s natural features with berry lipstick and soft tones. The eyes are accentuated with false lashes and a subtle smokiness – all in-keeping with the classic theme.

I applied my signature Marilyn Monroe make-up look on Katie, which is hugely popular with modern brides opting for a fusion of retro and contemporary beauty choices. The cheeks are highlighted, as the lips are strong with the iconic Hollywood choice of red. I chose a pinky-red to suit Katie’s fair complexion and to add a modern twist to the vintage vibe, and added the defined black liner flick and kept the complexion glowing and pretty.

I created a very pretty, neutral look on Bekah, with a flawless complexion and the subtle bronze and metallic shadows pick up on the shades of her hair, and the shimmer of the satin dress.

Avante gard hair Kelli WaldockI kept the make-up so simple on this look, because the hair is such a statement the contrast is needed to balance out the detail. The model also has large features, so these stand out without much definition. The main make-up here is the placement of blusher and shimmer; this runs up the cheekbone in the same line towards the sleek sides of the hair, adding even more height and striking elegance to this avant-garde bridal hairstyle, which was a part of the brief.

Hair: http://www.vickilordbridalhair.co.uk. All models wore dress designs and accessories by Kate Edmondson Bridal Couture (http://www.kateedmondsonbridal.co.uk), Hair was created with Balmain extensions (http://www.balmainhair.com and Batiste Dry Shampoo (http://www.BatisteHair.co.uk). I did the make-up ;o) (http://www.kelliwaldock.co.uk), and photographs were taken by Natalie McCarthy (http://nataliemccarthy.photography).

Brides-to-be visit my bridal make-up packages. 


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