Five quick tips for sexy #spookymakeup

Okay… so it is Halloween weekend, but if you are super girly like I am, you’re gonna want to look more sexy than scary…

Here are some great makeup tips:

1) Use your normal evening makeup, but add a little trickle of pretend blood and a couple of bite marks to your neck.
2) Wear neutral make-up – and use foundation over your lips, followed by a matt finish pale lippy. Add really dramatic eyes, so your skin looks extra pale and ghost like… But obviously the eyes still will look extra flirty and gorgeous.
3) Dress as a sexy, but spooky doll, with a cute dress, braids, and perfect make-up – but go overboard with the lippy… and rosy cheeks. And wear massive fake lashes and draw extra eyelashes downwards beneath your eyes. Obviously still cute and girly and you will need to keep a fixed smile on your face to look extra spooky.
4) Do your normal evening makeup and draw a stitch line in black liner around your neck just like a corpse bride, match this subtle look with an amazing old lacy wedding style dress.
5) Wear your usual makeup, and wear vamp teeth – plus some cool vamp or feline contacts – so at a glance you look liek your usua self, but with a closer look your eyes and teeth are of the undead… #SPOOKY… but #SEXY!

Brides-to-be visit my bridal make-up packages. 

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