Get the 1960s’ bridal look inspired by #AudreyHepburn perfect for #ValentinesDay #weddings

The 1960s’ bridal look offers a classic vibe, one that is natural, but pristine, inspired by Audrey Hepburn…

black and white audrey hepburn portrait by ryan cox makeup kelli waldock copy

Make-up: An overall matte finish is required for this look, with full coverage. Add cream-gold or cream-silver under the eye from the inside corner, and a light brown to blend into the crease of the lid to create drama to this classic and sultry look. Subtle liner is applied halfway along the under eye, but not inside. A thick line of black kohl is added to the top lid. Lashes that are fine and separate in style are applied to open up the eyes even more. Eyebrows are defined in-keeping with this retro look. Matte nude lips are a must and brides can match nail colour with lip colour.

50s shadow application by kelli waldock copy

Hair: A beehive style is iconic to this era, but this doesn’t have to be very high. Leave a front section of hair out, and set the back section from the crown in curlers. You can create a beehive or chignon, before clipping the front sections to the side, framing the face. Use shine spray and hairspray during styling to fix the look and to ensure a sleek finish. This elegant style elongates the neck and works with 1960s style high or square necklines.

1950s inspired Audrey Hepburn makeup by kelli waldock kelliwaldock copy

Photograph credits:

Model: Kate

Make-up Kelli Waldock

Hair: V-Team

Photographer: Ryan Cox Photography

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#Throwback #Detling Wedding Fair Make-up Artist for Vicki Lord Show 2017 #Images


Meg Lodge

Kelli Waldock

Models makeup by Kelli waldock make up artist

bridal makeup by kelli waldock

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1950’s Make-up #makeup HOW-TO

50s Bridesmaid

1950s Make-up

Vintage is ever popular for weddings and parties, and more so now even for a day look. And this recent bridesmaid makeup I did is ideal for anybody wanting to look the pretty 1950s part… Oh and it is really easy to achieve!

How to:

The skin:

Firstly you need a good primer on the skin for the foundation to sit on – I used Airbase Primer. I then applied Airbase Airbrushing Foundation to give a totally flawless finish… It is fantastic.

The 1950s is all abour flawless foundation, to create a pretty living doll look.

The eyes:

Use neutral eyeshadow like a light beige colour to give a nice coverage to open the eyes. The main focus for the eyes is the eyeliner. For this look photographed,

I used a black gel eyeliner creating a thin line from the inner eye going thicker towards the outer eye with a 1950s iconic flick at the end of the outer eye.

With lots of mascara on top and underneath with a set of full false lashes to finish.

The cheeks:

Apply a rosy colour to give a fresh look, it looks more doll-like applied to the apples of your cheeks, which are created when you smile – so smile then apply a little colour at a time, so it builts up to suit your skin tone and colour.

Don’t apply too much at once!

The lips:

I applied a pinky-red colour to give 1950s definition.

This is fab for a summer prom look or a Bridesmaid!

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