Valentine’s Look

valentines copy

Achieve this look for Valentine’s Day:

This is a lovely look for Valentine brides, but you can adapt this sexy look, by simply adding just one simple flower in the hair… remember to have an un-done hair look and leave strands out to frame the face.

Here is a simple step-by-step for the make-up:

Step 1:

Ensure the face is clean and moisturised with a non-greasy light product… if the product is greasy then the make-up will not stay on.

Step 2:

Apply a primer to the skin and allow it to soak into the skin… be patient as this may take a couple of minutes.

Step 3:

Apply the correct blend of Airbase Airbrushing foundation with a medium to full coverage. I do love this foundation product, but i also love Bare Minerals – as you can build up to the right coverage too.

Step 4:

Prime the eyes separately – I like P.Louise primer… It is thick, but not heavy. And then apply natural matte shadow, before adding black liner to the inside lower lid and beneath the upper lid.

Step 5:

Apply a layer of mascara, before applying the strip lashes close to the root of the natural lashes. Remember to add a couple of coats to the lower lashes… they will look lost otherwise. When applying lashes, ensure you push them down fully over the natural lashes closing in the gap and avoiding showing skin, you can correct with liner after application if needed, but prevention is better than cure.

Step 6:

After lashes are dry, apply the black liner – either liquid or kohl (I like Benefit, Mac and Bobbi Brown), across the upper lid, do not go to the inside corner.

Step 7:

Apply a pink-rose shade of blusher to suit your skin tone. Ensure application goes from the apple of the cheeks up the cheekbones and lightly over the areas that would naturally be touched by sunlight. Try not to go across the cheekbone.

Step 8:

Define eyebrows but not with an outline… use an eyebrow mascara to get some definition of singular hairs as opposed to blocking the brow shape with a gel or shadow.

Step 9:

Use a deep pink-red lip liner to outline the shape of your lips and then fill in with a low sheen gloss, but avoid using a matte lipstick to finish the look. Glossy is very kissable for Valentine’s Day.









Why I #lovemakeup…

Kelli secondMake-up is a form of art and expression, and many make-up artists use the face as a canvas… and because all skin differ in type, tone, shade and quality, it is important that a make-up artist can see this… I ensure that the face has a flawless foundation as a base for whatever look my client wants to achieve… and because there are some many products, and ways to apply make-up you can build up from this base, creating either a natural look, all the way along the spectrum to a full-on made-over look, with false lashes and gloss too.

Here are ten reasons I love makeup:

  1. Being in a make-up store is like a child being in a candy shop, there is so much to choose from.
  2. Make-up is versatile.
  3. Make-up can protect your skin from the elements, and a lot of the foundations have SPF now, so can protect your skin from sun damage.
  4. Make-up not only makes some one look their best, but it makes them feel amazing too.
  5. Make-up highlights someone’s best features.
  6. The application of make-up has a lot of history and goes back to ancient times, and was worn by the stunning Cleopatra too.
  7. The many iconic beauties from every era have been inspirations in modern make-up looks and even application.
  8. You can get a really effective finish, just with a few products.
  9. On some occasions the more the better really applies, and I sometimes just keep applying, because it is fun, and looks fabulous.
  10. Make-up goes so well with the other beauty treatments I offer, and I love to see the joy on my clients’ faces when they look in the mirror at their stunning transformation.

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