Hair and Make-up inspiration @kyra.lilymusic

I adored working with the stunning Kyra on this fantastic photoshoot. The photographer is Paul Clapp…

Check out the pics…

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Behind the Scenes of the @theDebraLamb Shoot…

It was amazing to work on set of the Debra Lamb shoot. It’s so much fun working together with a team of artists, prepping for an interview like we did this time.

Photoshoots usually mean an early start and some commuter traffic, and still managing to be on time and friendly to everyone you meet when you get there! That’s why I like to pack my bag the night before and make sure all my brushes and beauty equipment are ready to go when I wake up! I also pack water or a light snack to keep me going till midmorning. Check out some of the pics from the shoot here…

Check out some of the final shots on my Portfolio page by photographer Russell Hand.

Debra’s interview is here… and yes you may hear me laughing with the other crew members in the background – a sure sign of a fab shoot day.

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Marc Dressen Photos

Hi guys… you probably have seen the video from the behind the scenes of the Marc Dressen shoot, if not here it is… was so much fun: Video

And here are a couple of photos:

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