Matching #make-up with flowers in the hair

When wearing flowers in the hair, it is important to tie in the colours without looking like you are being too much of a match, as this can look a little tacky.

But if the flowers are autumnal then autumn shades for shadows and lips can work, or if the colours are vibrant, then contrasting shades of the same colour can work, such as bright pink flowers with light pink lipstick.

It is also vital to pick out the right colours… adding green shadows just because the stems of the flowers are green is not really ideal… and with the shoot I did below on model Megan, although the white flower is the statement hair accessory, these tones would wash out Megan’s complexion… so, I picked up on the berry colours with a modern pink lipstick with sheen, an English rose complexion, and the deeper eyeshadow to pick up on the subtle purples, reds and pinks of the smaller flowers.

Lorraine Lucas Photography

Photographer: Lorraine Lucas Hair: V-Team

3 #makeup tips for #wintersun vacations

The start of the year is a popular time for people to flee from the frosty weather and head for some winter sun… But it is important to keep your skin in mind and make-up options too… here are three tips:

  1. Wear a light tinted moisturiser with SPF15 at least… This will protect your skin, but still allow you to get a little kiss from the winter sun.
  2. Drink heaps of water – the likelihood is you will be having some cocktails by the pool, so ensure you keep your skin hydrated with a hydrating moisturiser at night, and by drinking lots of water in the day.
  3. Opt for a less is more look, with a little bit of bronzer to complement your tan, clear waterproof mascara that will not run down your face during splashing in the pool and a nourishing lip balm with SPF15 to stop your lips from getting dried out or burnt.

If you are heading away this month, have a wonderful time and be sure to grab some fab duty free make-up at the airport.

#Bridal guest make-up

This lovely lady popped in to have a makeup trial for a wedding she is invited to. This before and after shows the quality of Airbase Airbrush foundation, as you can see it looks natural, and glowing on the skin and eliminates the signs of ageing, redness and blemishes, leaving a great base for the rest of the makeup… bringing out her lovely, large, sparkly eyes.

I love #bringoutbeauty.


Naturally bringing out #beauty

I love these photos that show a really lovely natural base, with rosy cheeks, and then stunning eyes and lashes… This is the perfect example of how to #bringoutbeauty in a natural way… remember you can download my free ebook on this website, and learn quick and easy ways to bring out your own beauty with the magic of make-up.

before and after make-up