As a makeup artist it’s really important to get hair and make-up that work well together. Here The V Team opted for a wide blunt fringe clip on by Balmain and curls that frame the eyes and cheek bones.


The brows are defined but in a colour that works naturally with light blonde hair… it is good to choose one shade darker than the blonde. You can see I’ve also blended warm golden copper tones on the eyes that really bring out the pale bluey-green colour. And I’ve added an extra lick of mascara on the lower lashes with a soft white eye-pencil along the inner lash-line to really open up the eyes.

Lashes on the top and bottom of the lids also creates a doll-like flutter that works with the fringe and curls.

I’ve applied subtle contouring for a gorgeous flawless soft-focus complexion and a pop of pink glossy colour which is a fun way to round off this modern, retro look.


#Flirty #Lashes

Sometimes only lashes will do… especially on a beauty shoot to show off the final make-up look, or on a runway show, when people are viewing a model from a distance.

Ensure that you define your brows if you are opting for massive flirty lashes and statement eye make-up.



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#Flirty Bridal Eye Lashes

More and more brides are opting for false lashes… and this photograph taken by Penny Young of one of the brides shows exactly why… she looks so demure, yet flirty… And this is how lashes can take make-up to the next level of special…

The bride opted for a rosy, pink  look, with glossy kissable lips… the eyes set the final look off; this look is all about the lashes – and the shadow is there to bring it all together, keeping the lighter shades to the inside of the eye, and building up the colour to the outer black edge. #lovelashes

Photo by Penny Young

Photo by Penny Young

Why I #lovemakeup…

Kelli secondMake-up is a form of art and expression, and many make-up artists use the face as a canvas… and because all skin differ in type, tone, shade and quality, it is important that a make-up artist can see this… I ensure that the face has a flawless foundation as a base for whatever look my client wants to achieve… and because there are some many products, and ways to apply make-up you can build up from this base, creating either a natural look, all the way along the spectrum to a full-on made-over look, with false lashes and gloss too.

Here are ten reasons I love makeup:

  1. Being in a make-up store is like a child being in a candy shop, there is so much to choose from.
  2. Make-up is versatile.
  3. Make-up can protect your skin from the elements, and a lot of the foundations have SPF now, so can protect your skin from sun damage.
  4. Make-up not only makes some one look their best, but it makes them feel amazing too.
  5. Make-up highlights someone’s best features.
  6. The application of make-up has a lot of history and goes back to ancient times, and was worn by the stunning Cleopatra too.
  7. The many iconic beauties from every era have been inspirations in modern make-up looks and even application.
  8. You can get a really effective finish, just with a few products.
  9. On some occasions the more the better really applies, and I sometimes just keep applying, because it is fun, and looks fabulous.
  10. Make-up goes so well with the other beauty treatments I offer, and I love to see the joy on my clients’ faces when they look in the mirror at their stunning transformation.