I love looking back at my brides; Dawn picture below looks stunning in her strapless dress and romantic veil. She really wanted a natural look that brought out her features, especially her stunning eyes.

Dawn and Lee’s big day got published as Wedding of the Year in 2016.

Leeds castle wedding photography Dawn and Lee-778Leeds castle wedding photography Dawn and Lee-85Leeds castle wedding photography Dawn and Lee-269KelliWaldock


Top Tip For Applying #LiquidLiner

Charlotte - Dream PhotographySome of the common mistakes in application of eye liner – liquid, gel and even pencil are wobble lines and smudges. So whether you are applying with pencil or with a brush, all you have to do is make the skin of the eyelid smooth by tightening it… so with the eye closed or nearly closed (if you are doing your own make-up), just gentle pull the skin upwards from under the eyebrow, this way you smoothen the natural creases of the eye lid and you are able to apply a neat line of colour… Depending on your confidence you can applying in one go, and then touch it up, or you can drag it in small sections.

And apply after the eyeshadow other wise you will have to go over it again.

Here’s to a summer with no smudges!