What #eyebrows suit my #faceshape?

Another question my clients ask all the time is what eyebrows suit my face shape?


  • An oval face suits a low soft arch.
  • A round face can carry a higher arch to counteract some of the roundness.
  • A long face suits straight brows that sit lower and thicker to give the illusion of a shorter face.
  • A square face suits an angled or ticked arch with the point centre of the overall eye shape.
  • A heart shape face looks good with a more defined arch than a soft arch.
  • A diamond shape face looks fab with a strong angled tick.

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Why are #eyebrows important?

So many people ask this question, so here are some brow things to consider…


  1. Following trends is okay, but it is best to choose a brow shape and colour that suits your style and facial features.
  2. If you are wearing heavy make-up and leave out the brows then the make-up looks unfinished.
  3. If you go for really dark eyebrows they have to be perfectly groomed/plucked/shaped and filled in.
  4. If you have unshaped or messy eyebrows filling them in with a pencil, shadow or paint can actually result in a messier look.
  5. Choosing and using the right products for your brows will make a lot of difference to the final look, so an angled brush, and paint or pencil with staying power, a clean brush and even cotton buds for corrections.
  6. Consider adding a lighter shadow around the brows to further define them.
  7. Remember to keep your hands away from your brows once they are shaped and filled in, to avoid smudging.
  8. You may need to use a stencil to get the right shape for your face?
  9. You may have to visit a beauty therapist to wax or thread your brows so you can maintain the perfect pair for you.
  10. Be patient as if you have plucked your brows to within an inch of their lives so to speak, then you will have to give them time to grow back, or tattooing brows is an option nowadays too.

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