What makes a great #bridal Make-up artist?

I am so lucky to be able to bring different elements of my work together; from beauty therapist to celebrities and VIPs, to nails and treatments in my salon, to make-up for models and actors on set, and of course all of the lovely brides and bridesmaids I bring out beauty of… But what makes a great bridal make-up artist?


  1. You have to be prepared for all eventualities… for example a trial may have gone one way, but on the day, the bride may have a break-out, or patches of dry skin, or she may have even changed her lip choice, or bridesmaid choice – a host of things can happen – so be prepared with the right equipment, products, your notes from the trial and more.
  2. Arrive on time, this is a day that you cannot afford to be late, not only does it look bad on you as a businessperson, but more importantly, if the bride is late and it is your fault then that is not a good thing… so be early, and give yourself plenty of time to apply the perfect make-up for the bride and her bridal party.
  3. If you are prepared and early then it is likely that you will give off calm vines too – it is so important that the bride doesn’t feel stressed, so if you act frantic around her then this could make her feel nervous and not in safe hands. Stay calm and collected.
  4. Remember that your bride will have so many things to prepare for during the lead up to her big day, she is not going to want to be chasing her make-up artist to check you are still going to turn up… so do your admin… send regular messages to reassure the bride that you will be there and that you have you need, do last minute checks for changes too… this admin must be relevant – don’t stalk your bride, she has enough to do remember, but keep all communication clear, concise and open – this includes the invoice and paying process.
  5. Enjoy it – just like any job, if you enjoy working with brides, despite the prep and early starts then this will shine through, and brides want to work with people that are positive, friendly and professional. They also want to be listened to – so ensure you listen to their needs and desires for their big day from the very first point of contact.


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#Hygiene #Tips for #Beauticians

salon PinkiesHaving worked in this industry for many years, it is always important to cover all aspects of business, not just the beauty stuff and the fun stuff… If you are operating a salon you need to ensure that your hygiene is top notch for the health and safety of you, your employees and of course of your clients… And because you want to make sure your clients say positive things about their experiences too.

Here are 5 simple tips… but there are many areas that need to be considered…

  1. Always wash your hands… this is so important and seems simple, but our fingertips carry many germs, so before every client ensure you wash hands with warm water, larva up the soap and work in-between the fingers and dry with a paper towel, you can also use sanitiser.
  2. Ensure the treatment rooms have a change of towels, sweep up of floor (don’t kick up dust, instead use a wet cloth to get rid of it), and a blast of fresh air from an open window… obviously ensure the room is nice and warm ready for when the next client arrives to give them the comfort they need.
  3. If you sneeze due to a cold or allergy then do so into your elbow… on to your hand will mean having to wash all over again, and out in to the air will obviously spread germs. Ideally, you will be able to get to a clean tissue in time and can have a quick wash of hands if need be.
  4. Ensure the toilet room is checked throughout the day, and cleaned thoroughly at the end of each day.
  5. Fresh breath… after eating have some water and a peppermint. Coffee can make the breath smell unpleasant, as can some foods, so be mindful of how close you are to your clients and how the smell of your lunch from your mouth can effect their experience in the salon… always have your mouth, body, hands and the air in the salon as fresh as possible.

I hope this helps with any new beauticians starting out in their own salons… good luck.

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