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Further Training #CPD

Today I’m at a further training day, and loving the Advanced Nutritional Programme training at #environ. Loving the pregnancy pack, the party pack and the detox pack!

kelli wedlock trained expert makeup and beautyHere are three reasons it is important to further train in your field of expertise:

  1. It is fun to learn more about what you love.
  2. It is important to offer your clients more, so they get real expert advice and services, as well as value for money.
  3. It is so important with an industry such as beauty to do continual professional development so that you stay safe for your clients, and deliver treatments well.

Brides-to-be visit my bridal make-up packages. 

That’s What Makes you #Beautiful

This is the title of English-Irish boy band (more like man band now) One Direction… I know… But I like to just say that on the odd occasion this track pops into my head – probably because I’ve heard it lots on the radio, and because it is a song that is always played at kids’ parties and I am a mum… so anyway, as I said it sometimes pops into my head…

And it got me thinking about what makes you beautiful… as in my clients… as in YOU!

And it is YOU, so when you come to Pinkies, or book me as a makeup artist for your event or wedding, I firstly look at YOU, your personality, and your features, how you are dressed too… but mainly your eyes, your lips, your nose, the contours of your face… so please don’t think I am staring and being rude, but as a makeup artist your face is my canvas… and the makeup I skillfully apply only enhances your natural beauty. The treatments I offer all add to that feel of being beautiful too. So now you know that… THAT’s WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL! Oh no, the song is in my head now…


Brides-to-be visit my bridal make-up packages.