Audrey Hepburn Bride in Beauty Q & A for @CWM_YKW Magazine

I  am featured as a beauty expert in March to April issue of Your Kent wedding.

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And this is one of my fav looks for a bride, because it is ultra elegant and ideal for a classic or even romantic wedding.

It is all about the dark eyelids, with defined brows and matte nude lips… such a sixties vibe to this and I would definitely finish it off with She’s a Beauty nails, worn by Maggie Q and applied at Pinkies Salon in Whitstable.

Audrey Hepburn makeup in Your Kent Wedding by Kelli Waldock

Ryan Cox Photography.

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Audrey Hepburn Bride


Help! What products should I pack for my summer holidays?

If I was off on my hols and the airline lost my case, how would I cope with just that little plastic bag of liquids you’re allowed to take on board? I think I would honestly have a meltdown before I realised I could probably pick up my beauty essentials on arrival. Phew! Here’s my top 10 list of summer holiday need-to-pack beauty items (most of them would fit in that little plastic bag, thankfully!):

Sun cream…

This is top of my list of course! Now I know there are lots on the market and it’s tempting to get a lower SPF but stick to at least SPF 30 for the first few days, until your skin has adapted to the sun. Your make-up will probably have SPF built-in but you’re unlikely to reapply your foundation during the course of a day, so it’s best to get a face cream with SPF and to wear a stylish wide-brim sun hat and large glasses for city tours or those days at the beach or by the pool.

BB Cream…

If you’re not ready to brave the beach completely bare-faced then a tinted moisturizer is a great summer solution. There are some great BB and CC creamson the market that give you an even skin tone and contain SPF – like No. 7 at Boots, or Rituals or similar. Be sure to choose something with pigment technology that adjusts to your skin tone, even when you have a bit of a tan!


A highlighter / shimmer stick– this will bring out your sun-kissed glow if you apply a tiny bit and blend on your cheek bones and the bridge of your nose.


Concealer palette– I say palette because you might need a slightly darker shade if you’ve caught the sun…


Waterproof mascara and kohl linerare a must! Black or dark brown – don’t leave without them!


And where there’s waterproof mascara you need a great eye make-up remover, so you don’t wake up with dreaded panda eyes. If you get stuck here you can always pick up some baby wipes to begin with or use a dab of olive oil!


Lip balm with SPF and lippy! Red and pink gloss – go bold! You’re on holiday!


Leave-in conditioner for a daytime wet-look, and a normal one for when you wash and style your hair. See if you can pick up one with UV protection as it will stop any highlights getting too light and help protect your hair from sun damage.

Nail it…

I normally get my nails ready before my holiday but it’s good to be prepared so I pack a red nail varnish, a clear nail varnish with a hint of pink and gold nail varnish. Those colours just match any outfit and any occasion – classic, stylish and glamourous.

Minx toes


Moisturiser (think Body butter) – a thick creamy one to pamper your skin after a day in the sun. Aloe Vera gel is also great and really soothing if you want to nourish your skin first.


Oh, and I always pack a little tub of ‘Sudocreme’ or a similar zinc-based cream which is a great for a sunburnt nose, blisters or skin irritation (although you’ll find it in the nappy-rash section of the super market!).

Check out my tips for gorgeous honeymoon make-up that works just as well on holiday:

I’d love to hear your thoughts on summer holiday beauty essentials! What goes into your holiday make-up kit?

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5 Most Common #MakeupMistakes

In a nutshell the makeup faux pas’ that ladies make have always pretty much been the same, but here is a reminder of the top five no-nos when it comes to makeup application:

1) Not Blending:

This is common with foundation, especially if you are wearing a non-colour match to your skin tone and type, as it is more obvious.

If the foundation and/or bronzer are not blended gradually down the neck and sometimes to the collarbone and chest too, then you can look like you are wearing a mask.

Also be mindful of carefully blending other products too, including blusher and highlighter. Careful blended is essential for an overall flawless finish.

2) Clumpy Mascara:

This is a common mistake, as it is so easily done by adding layers and layers of mascara on your lashes, which can lead to claw lashes, some can look so clumped together they resemble spider legs.

To get full flirty lashes use a good quality product – it is a good sign if mascara makes that popping sound as you pull the wand from the tube, as is a good clean wand.

If there are clumps at the brush end of the wand then there are likely to be clumps on your lashes!

If you are applying more than one coat to create a certain look or to make your lashes really big and flirty, then build the layers up while the previous layer is still wet and manageable, do not build new layers on top of dry products.

I use all the highest quality products, and love Dream Weave Mascara, which I stock at Pinkies.

3) Bleeding Lipstick:

When the colour of the lipstick starts to spread into the creases around the lips – this is another super common error made by lots of ladies (and men if they are lippy wearers!)

This can be avoided if the lips are kept soft and well looked after, and if before applying your lip colour and gloss, you add a primer, a light coating of foundation can work as a base for some colours, and if you use a lip liner too – these act as barriers and prevent bleeding.

Remember to apply right into the corners of the mouth as these are problem areas for the colour bleed.

4) Cake-up:


I absolutely love the stuff – obviously it is what I have made my career out of… but just because you love something doesn’t mean you should smother yourself in it! Sometimes less is more, sometimes lips, cheeks and eyes work, sometimes they don’t… sometimes a subtle more natural look is better!

And never go over the top, because it isn’t flattering even if you love makeup as I do, and choose to apply a very made-up look, believe me that is still different from caking it on. So take your time, and control what you use… just because it is in your makeup kit doesn’t mean it needs to be on your face with everything else!

To avoid the clown look, practise with your products before you use them on a night out or to work the next day, some colours look pale but apply really strong and vice versa, so learn about the product and what it is like on your skin. And clean off your makeup every night… this means you can start fresh with each look, so you are not building on yesterday’s makeup.

5) Wrong tones:

I have already mentioned this in the first faux pas above, but it deserves to be ranked separately, as it is super common.

Basically you are better to go bare faced than to wear colours that are wrong for your skin tone and type and colours that just don’t do you any favours… which defeats the object of wearing makeup to begin with! So if you have no clue then don’t just guess or think that wearing the one your mate or mum, or your fav celebrity wears will be perfect – you are best to go to a department store and get advice from the makeup experts, or head to your nearest MAC store, or if you are in Kent, book a makeup lesson with me and

I can tell you which colours suit your pigment etc. Head to my Services page for more information. And CLICK on my #freeebook for more beauty tips.

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