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MINX nails are amongst the products I use, and they are worn by lots of celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga and Beyonce to name a few… MINX are perfect for a unique look!

The MINX range offers fantastic metallic colours and funky designs, and unlike a traditional polish there is no drying time and they will never smudge. To have a look at the fantasic array of designs visit

GelishMinx Nails

Kelli behind scene nails FrenchPEDICURE

File and Paint: £7.00

Pedicure: £20.00

Spa Pedicure: £25.00

MINX™ Toes: £25.00



File and Paint: £7.00

Express Manicure: £10.00

Manicure: £15.00

Spa Manicure: £20.00

MINX™ Fingers: £20.00


Full Set: £30.00

With Gelish Polish: £35.00

Natural Nail Overlay: £25.00

Infill: £25.00

Enhancement Removal and Mini Manicure: £15.00

Gelish Manicure: £25.00

Gelish Pedicure: £30.00