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Barely there #make-up

SA CommercialA few people have asked how I bring the beauty out of women that want a natural look. The first thing to remember is that some times it takes more effort to look as though you are barely wearing any make-up, and the key is to get the base just right.

A primer is key for flawless, long lasting foundation… Airbase Airbrushing foundation is great for a gradual build-up of coverage, as is Bare Minerals… by building the product up slowly, you will avoid a caked look.

Keeping eye make-up to a minimal helps the overall look appear nude, so no lashes and brown mascara as opposed to black, and natural shadows rather than colour. A sheer gloss or even lip balm will ensure the look is ultra feminine and natural. A little dewy sheen and light blush to the apples of the cheeks creates a nice flush.

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Inner #confidence with a flick of a brush

Inner confidenceMake-up is pretty magical… because not only do I see my clients visually look their best, by enhancing their features or adding contouring or colour… but I see the shine and sparkle of confidence in their eyes after make-up has been applied… check out my before and after gallery for an example of this beaming confidence on my portfolios page. You can see this confidence in two clients photographed too…

So why does make-up make us feel so great?

  1. The physical application can be very calming and give us some well needed attention.
  2. The bronze and blushers make us look like a picture of health, so we feel healthier.
  3. Bringing out natural features with beauty products always reminds us that we have a special feature perhaps that someone has complimented in the past.

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Reminder: #Freeebook #BringOutBeauty

Amyhair1I would just like to remind you all and let all new followers know that I have a free beauty e-book, it is short and easy to follow and hopefully very helpful!

You can download it on this page, and please leave a comment too: Bring Out Beauty 

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#Lighting tips for the perfect #makeup application…

Leeds castle wedding photography Dawn and Lee-85The best light to apply make-up based on my industry experience is in as much day light as possible… this gives a true sense of tones and overall coverage needed. I was so interested to read research about women applying their make-up in poor quality light. I thought I’d share it:

Lighting Direct  offer make-up friendly lighting and their research shows that despite spending hundreds of pounds on beauty products each year, three in four women (75%) do their makeup in poor lighting:

· 77% of women said they need a better lighting solution
· 71% of women said they checked their makeup in a different room from the one in which they apply it
· 12% ask someone else to check their makeup for them
· Younger respondents are using selfies to check the application of their makeup
· Foundation fails are the most likely outcome of having poor lighting

Kathryn Middleton from Lighting Direct said: “We were surprised to find that so many people do their makeup in the bathroom: aside from the obvious steamy mirror issue, most bathrooms have extremely harsh lighting that can drain colour from the face. It’s much better to try and replicate natural daylight wherever you apply your makeup as then you’ll see your finished ‘result’ in the type light that other people will see you in too.”

Lighting Direct’s tips for getting the perfect makeup lighting

1. Lumens, lumens, lumens – you need bright lighting to see the detail when applying makeup. Choose a lightbulb with around 1350lm (lumens) to provide enough brightness.
2. Step into the daylight – natural light is the best light for applying makeup, so choose bulbs that closely mimic daylight.
3. Use dimmers – if you’re applying makeup for a night out, then using a dimmer helps to ensure that your makeup will look great in a range of different lights.
4. Avoid downlights – downwards directional lights highlight wrinkles, bags, and skin issues making you look – and feel – instantly older, leading to inevitable makeup overcompensation.
5. Side to side – installing lights either side of where you apply your makeup, 90-100cm away from each other, with the radiance focused at eye level, will maximise the absence of shadows.

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Ways to glam up your #maternity look

viccabondI recently did the make-up on a model for a designer who create amazing, practical maternity wear for breast feeding mums… the designs are discrete and still really stylish.  This got me thinking about how as a working mum in the beauty business, I know I have to make an effort to look good… but when my children were just babies this was more challenging, because you’d rather get an extra few minutes sleeping than worry about applying make-up… so here are five tips for new mums, so they can still feel and look glam…

  1. Wear stylish shades and just pencil your eyebrows and where bright lipsticks… this look is good for indoors, but perfect for a school run, or a visit to the shops after a night of not a lot of sleep.
  2. Brighten your complexion with a sun protecting tinted moisturiser, a small application of lipgloss, and one coat of mascara. When we look and feel tired, sometimes less is more. This is great to enhance your pregnant glow, or brighten your look up after the baby is born.
  3. Invest a couple of hours and a some cash to have individual false lashes applied… these last a few weeks, and you wake up and look like you’ve already applied eye-opening mascara.
  4. Use dry shampoo, if you don’t have time to wash your hair and pop a simple quiff and ponytail up, this will keep it away from the face and out of the reach of the little  ones.
  5. Get your nails done! We don’t have to look at our own face all the time, but having perfect nails is a great way to lift the feeling of confidence and glamour as we are always looking at them and using them… choose a bright colour like candy pink or vibrant orange.

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Your Kent #Wedding

Getting married in the summer months is a popular choice for people in the UK… there is more likelihood that the sun will shine, and that people will be able to take time off for the wedding, as well as amazing options for outdoor ceremonies, including the beach in Whitstable, which is a stone throw from my salon, Pinkies.

But… yes, there is always a BUT! You must be prepared when it comes to your make-up, and I have given my tips on Your Kent Wedding website, Click here to read the article:

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