I have been asked a number of times to do some before and afters on myself – and so here one is… It is a subtle everyday look, bringing out my natural features, and this is what I like to do for my clients and brides – bring out the natural beauty in each person…

You can see how the foundation has evened out my skin tone and I’ve lifted my complexion with some blusher, concentrating on creating a defined cheekbone. If you have high cheekbones, you may wish to add blusher to the apples of your cheeks.

I have darkened my brow slightly, and added shimmer over my foundation to give a dewy look.

My eye make-up opens up by eyes and I’ve also created a really pretty, slightly feline shape to the shadow.

All I needed after that was a little gloss to the lips.


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Before and After #Make-up Inspiration

I love working with Michelle, especially when new palettes like this #UrbanDecay one launches… Michelle has great bone structure and gorgeous shape and colour eyes… So of course we squeezed in a before and after make-up during a busy day of clients at Pinkies salon.

As you can see I have built up the colour so it is quite intense, however she still has natural lashes, just licked with some #mascara, so the look could be built upon even more by bringing up the colour higher towards the brow, and with false eyelashes and shimmer make-up added.

This look is perfect for a date, as it shows you’ve made an effort, but not gone over the top… the lighter colour used on the insides of the lid towards the bridge of the nose, opens up the eyes, and really makes Michelle’s green eye colour sparkle. The black liner brings out the pupils and outside of the eye colour, making her gaze really pretty.

It is important to darken and define your eyebrows with a full-on eye look, as it would look unfinished otherwise.

And with eyes quite strong, a nude lippy looks gorgeous.

Michelle in Urban Decay

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LoveTalk TV: #Bridal Make-up Artist.

I was thrilled to be invited onto the style section for relationship show LoveTalk, to do make-up for a bride-to-be, I worked with Vicki Lord on the look and had a fab time filming the two episodes… even if I was a little nervous on camera… here is the show with the final make-up look:

Thanks, Kelli


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