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Look after those make-up brushes… why? Well, for reasons of hygiene and for good application… wash them with shampoo and care for them like you would your hair… Buy good quality brushes and keep them in a protective case or make-up bag… And for those of you that ask the same question as my husband does “…do you really need all those brushes?”

The answer is Yes, of course! Just like an artist or decorator uses different tools or brushes to achieve a final look, so does a make-up artist and any lover of make-up… So don’t think that you can use an eyebrow brush for your eyeshadow or blushes… #bringoutbeauty


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Twilight Vamp #Wedding #Make-up

RyanCox Photography

Twilight Inspired Make-up

The vamp look is often synonymous with #Halloween, but the movie culture of the past two decades has shown us that the vampire look can be sultry and glamorous, as opposed to gothic and dark. Make-up artist Kelli Waldock has created the perfect make-up look for any bride inspired by Twilight’s Kristen Stewart, and Amy Huttley of the V-Team created a tousled style ideal for this striking bridal look.

Get the make-up look:

It is vital that there is a balance with applying these stronger colours, so that you avoid overdoing the look, and going too gothic. This look is inspired by the sultry female vampires from cult movies and TV series, but not a copy, as this is bridal make-up not costume or fancy dress make-up… so build up the colour carefully, and practise before the big day

  • Ensure sure skin is hydrated, and apply a light moisturiser if the skin is very dry.
  • Apply a primer to the skin and neck.
  • Apply a good-quality foundation, I used Airbase in a pale shade, because it gives a flawless complexion and is the perfect foundation for other make-up to sit on… it also lasts all day.
  • Accentuate the eyebrows using a brow pencil, in a shade slightly darker than the natural colour… but not too dark. Avoid blocking in the eyebrows, instead create a natural and light feathered effect over brows to add colour.
  • Apply a primer on the eyes to give a great base for the eye-shadow and to conceal blemishes on the eye lid.
  • Apply a neutral eye-shadow as a great base for the stronger colour, so that the shades are built up for a smoky effect.
  • Apply a darker tone, I used brown, to the outer corner of the lid. This accentuates the eyes. Smudge the brown underneath the lower lashes for a more sultry look.
  • Apply mascara, separating lashes and adding colour, bring out the natural sparkle of the eyes.
  • Add a hint of colour to the cheekbones.
  • Apply a lip balm if the the lips are dry, and then apply a dark lip liner of your choice, cherry red, or a deep purple looks great.
  • After you have applied the liner, fill the full lips in with more colour.
  • And lastly add a dark coloured lipstick with a brush, this will give more staying power.

Get the hair look:

It is important to keep the hairstyle softer to compliment the strong make-up. A relaxed tousled style is sexy and looks effortlessly pretty, which also helps to soften the stronger make-up look.

  • Run hair mousse through dry hair.
  • Starting from the nape of the neck, take small sections of the hair and curl using my heated wand.
  • Using grips/pins pinch the curls, and leave them to set for a few minutes.
  • Lightly spray with hairspray for extra hold to curls.
  • Remove all clips.
  • Using dry shampoo, I used Batiste, gently backcomb the roots through to the crown of the head.
  • Use fingertips to loosen out the curls, creating that desired tousled look.
  • And dress with bridal head wear.
  • Apply a final spray of hairspray, and the look is complete.

#Nail Tip:

Choose a nail colour that is deep and striking… #chrome nails are a winner this season, and if you keep the length of your nails short then this will look less fancy-dress for your wedding.

Make-up artist and #nails: Kelli Waldock: http://www.kelliwaldock.co.uk

Hair: Amy of The V-Team: http://www.vickilordbridalhair.co.uk

Photographer: Ryan Cox:  http://www.ryancoxphotgraphy.com

Model: Jessica Barker: http://www.starnow.com/profile/ProfileDetail.aspx?m_id=2107077 

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Vicki Lord’s Nails for QVC

I have worked with Vicki Lord on a number of projects – her styling hair, and myself doing nails or make-up… She is a good friend and lots of fun to work with. As a local to my Pinkies salon, she visits to get the superstar nail treatment. Vicki was in the salon for the best nail advice and application just before her #QVC debut last week – with close up on nails, it was important that she had them looking shiny and stunning, without them clashing with any of her chosen outfits for the six shows over two days.

Here is a screen shot of the colour and finish… Of course the hairdryer was the star and Vicki the expert – but the nails did look fab without taking the limelight.nails-on-qvc

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#Chrome nails at Pinkies Salon

I am a little bit obsessed with chrome nails… these are perfect for the festive season – Halloween, Fire Works, Christmas and New Year – get your self to Pinkies in Whitstable for your flash nails and get ready for party season… Oh they are fab for honeymoons too!

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