#Friday13th make-up issues


Here are 13 things that can go wrong with your make-up, so be careful!

  1. Make-up can go off… so check the dates.
  2. Eye liner pencils can get sharp at the ends… so use a decent sharpener and keep the nib clean.
  3. Eye liner pencils can be brittle… so keep them in a padded make-up bag and don’t drop them on hard surfaces.
  4. When applying foundation, ensure you do not have a greasy moisturiser on as a base, because the foundation will just slide away.
  5. Applying mascara in layers over dried layers can create clumpy hard lashes.
  6. Not adding foundation to your neck can result in two-tone face colour.
  7. If you don’t remove your make-up properly you are likely to have panda-eyes in the morning, not to mention a make-up smudged pillowcase.
  8. Lipstick can go flat if you use it often, and the last bits often go to waste… so get in the hang of applying with a lippy brush.
  9. If you wear a lot of make-up ensure you avoid touching your face… so you don’t smudge it.
  10. The under eye smudge is very common – see photograph: Keep a mirror with you and concealer or powder, with cotton buds to check through the day if you get the mascara smudge… it often happens at weddings because there are so many tears of joy.
  11. Don’t borrow your friend’s make-up… they may wear different tones and it may look different on you. If you can share colours – be hygienic and use cotton buds or your own brushes for application.
  12. Mascara brushes can get cloggy, so clean your brush, or use disposables.
  13. It is great to clean brushes – but ensure you dry them thoroughly before using them again, or you will create streaks of colour when applying because the make-up/foundation is mixing with water.

See most common make-up mistakes too. 

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