Here is a before and after of a recent Special Occasion look I did, this client has stunning blue eyes, and so I enhanced these by adding lashes and lots of black. Silver eyeshadow in the corners opens up the eyes even more and bring out the blue too.

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Special Occasion Make-up

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#Environ is working for me… so YOU may as well give it a try too!

I am so impressed with how my skin looks. I have beenKelliWaldock using Environ products now for 6 months. I am currently using Avst 3 moisturiser, and I am using the cosmetic roll cit 2x a week and my skin is now looking even, fine lines have reduced and hardly any breakouts! Very pleased!

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Brides-to-be visit my bridal make-up packages. 


Why I #lovemakeup…

Kelli secondMake-up is a form of art and expression, and many make-up artists use the face as a canvas… and because all skin differ in type, tone, shade and quality, it is important that a make-up artist can see this… I ensure that the face has a flawless foundation as a base for whatever look my client wants to achieve… and because there are some many products, and ways to apply make-up you can build up from this base, creating either a natural look, all the way along the spectrum to a full-on made-over look, with false lashes and gloss too.

Here are ten reasons I love makeup:

  1. Being in a make-up store is like a child being in a candy shop, there is so much to choose from.
  2. Make-up is versatile.
  3. Make-up can protect your skin from the elements, and a lot of the foundations have SPF now, so can protect your skin from sun damage.
  4. Make-up not only makes some one look their best, but it makes them feel amazing too.
  5. Make-up highlights someone’s best features.
  6. The application of make-up has a lot of history and goes back to ancient times, and was worn by the stunning Cleopatra too.
  7. The many iconic beauties from every era have been inspirations in modern make-up looks and even application.
  8. You can get a really effective finish, just with a few products.
  9. On some occasions the more the better really applies, and I sometimes just keep applying, because it is fun, and looks fabulous.
  10. Make-up goes so well with the other beauty treatments I offer, and I love to see the joy on my clients’ faces when they look in the mirror at their stunning transformation.

Brides-to-be visit my bridal make-up packages.