#Tips for Reducing Redness

Okay, so we can get redness for a number of reasons, it can be just a natural part of our skin tone and quality – which is different to having red pigment. It can be from skin damage such as acne or sunburn, and it can be created from reactions to products or food too. Sometimes treatments can create redness for a short while after you have had one, for example certain facials, but this is usually fine, and calms down after 24-48 hours depending on the treatment. It does mean though if you have a special occasion coming up – you may want to use any previously tried treatments or products a good couple of days prior to the event, especially a wedding day.

Reduce Redness

For some skin where redness occurs, the best thing for it is a great primer or base, and I always use the Airbrush foundation, because it creates an amazing flawless finish, and as you can see from this before and after image it disguises any redness, and allows for a smooth appearance, with long lasting effects. My brides, and bridal parties swear by this method, as do I.

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