Five quick tips for sexy #spookymakeup

Okay… so it is Halloween weekend, but if you are super girly like I am, you’re gonna want to look more sexy than scary…

Here are some great makeup tips:

1) Use your normal evening makeup, but add a little trickle of pretend blood and a couple of bite marks to your neck.
2) Wear neutral make-up – and use foundation over your lips, followed by a matt finish pale lippy. Add really dramatic eyes, so your skin looks extra pale and ghost like… But obviously the eyes still will look extra flirty and gorgeous.
3) Dress as a sexy, but spooky doll, with a cute dress, braids, and perfect make-up – but go overboard with the lippy… and rosy cheeks. And wear massive fake lashes and draw extra eyelashes downwards beneath your eyes. Obviously still cute and girly and you will need to keep a fixed smile on your face to look extra spooky.
4) Do your normal evening makeup and draw a stitch line in black liner around your neck just like a corpse bride, match this subtle look with an amazing old lacy wedding style dress.
5) Wear your usual makeup, and wear vamp teeth – plus some cool vamp or feline contacts – so at a glance you look liek your usua self, but with a closer look your eyes and teeth are of the undead… #SPOOKY… but #SEXY!

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#Environ at Pinkies

Environ in kentWe have introduced Environ products and facials to my salon Pinkies in Whitstable. The Hydroboost facial is fantastic for a bride before her wedding day as it firms, plumps the skin and leaves the skin glowing.

Here are some photos of case studies by Environ products and treatments, you can see the big difference in these clients skin. Environ products are enriched with Vitamin A, C and E with no chemicals you will see results with these products! Call 01227 274519

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Out of the #Shadows

Green Shadow

Eye shadow is a great makeup item – I love it – but it is amazing how many of my clients and brides tell me that they don’t wear it becuase they never know what suits their eye shape or colour, and as a makeup artist I do tend to notice when somebody has applied eye shadow that doesn’t suit them as much as perhaps another colour would… So check out the eye colours and shapes below to help you choose the perfect eye shadow for your eyes:


Blue: Warm brown, bronze and grey hues are perfect for blue eyes, as blue is a cold colour so it should be contrasted with warm colours to compliment the eyes.
Grey: To compliment grey eyes stick to cool shades like deep greys, deep browns, purple(sheer) to flatter the eye colour.
Dark Brown: Purple eyeshadow looks fab on dark brown eyes as it really makes the eyes pop.
Light brown/hazel: Gold shimmer added to a shear or soft colour eyeshadow to make the hazel eyes dazzle.
Green eyes: Purple eyeshadow, or copper tones make green eyes pop.
Amber: Aqua looks amazing with amber eyes along with deep golds and bronzes to draw out the honey tones of the eyes.


Big eyes: Shimmery eyeshadows to make them stand out even more.
Small eyes: Pale eyeshadow along the lid and you can use a darker shadow to the outer edge of the lid to really open your eyes.
Close set eyes: Use a light eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes and use a darker eyeshadow on the outer corners to make the eyes looks wider apart.
Wide apart eyes: You will need to use a darker eyeshadow colour in the inner of the eye going to lighter colours towards the outer of the eyelid to bring the illusion of the eyes closer together.
Round eyes: You would need to elongate the eye by using 2/3 eyeshadows by applying a lighter colour in the inner corner then going darker towards the outer edge of the eye in a V shape to help create an illusion to elongate the eyes.
Oriental: Apply a white or light colour over the lids, apply a dark or medium eyeshadow above the lid to contour but not into the brow bone, this gives the illusion that you have more lid.

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Melt the #Fat

Melt the FatCavislim Ultrasonic Liposuction is a fat melting, body contouring and shaping treatment. It works on areas of the body to break down fat in a safe, effective and an non-invasive way… with the aim to just LOSE THE FAT! As you can see in the picture below my client is slim but wants to work on her belly area. This is just after one treatment and you can see the effects already (she lost half an inch from her waist) – which is fabulous, but I do recommend a course of tretament to see a continuous, and overall greater difference. So for brides it is a great idea to book in advance of your wedding and do a course on the lead up to your big day – so that you feel as streamline as possible in your wedding dress and on your honeymoon.

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