Easy Make-up for #WorkingMums

I am a mum myself and applying a full makeup look is very time consuming, especially when you are juggling work, and kids’ meals, or school pickups, and whatever else is packing your daily schedule…

All the more reason to find a little bit of time to feel and look good… especially if you are heading to work, perhaps in a job where you are dealing with customers, and you are likely to want to look fresh and even at your best…

As a makeup artist, I have to get up really early for bridal work and for photo-shoots, and to sort the kids before I open Pinkies Salon – AND it is not always possible to apply even the slightest bit of makeup… so if this is the case with you, my top tip is definitely to always apply a good moisturiser, SUPER IMPORTANT – as a base for foundation, but also to keep your skin hydrated, looking healthy, youthful and radiant!

In this photo of me working, you can see that my makeup is natural, and I promise it is really easy to apply too… Here is a quick easy makeup tutorial for busy working mums…


I applied a BB cream to give a natural medium coverage to even the skin tone,


I applied an eye-shadow primer, then a neutral eye-shadow over the entire lid.
I added a chocolate-coloured eyeliner halfway along the top and underneath, and finished with a layer or two of mascara to open up the eyes.


I applied a cream pink blusher to the apple of the cheeks to give a nice hint of colour. YOu can find the apples of your cheeks, by smiling and the natural roundness is created – pop the blusher here.


I popped on a neutral lipstick, but you can apply a moisturising gloss or even nourishing lip-balm.

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